The Design House


In a city like Eindhoven, where design and technology thrive, the the Design House looks right at home. Visit splendid exhibitions and learn about Eindhoven’s design culture.

  • Visit the Design House in Eindhoven and enjoy splendid exhibitions.
  • Examine the latest developments in design and innovation.

The Design House is a meeting place for design and innovation. The creative industries and business and knowledge institutions get a podium here. You can experience the design culture in Eindhoven all year round in the Design House.

The Design Collection

The Design House organizes three main exhibitions and 6 smaller exhibitions each year. The exhibition in one of the rooms is entirely focused on the development of new products and trends for meetings, making connections and interaction between disciplines. A tour of the Design House you will make you understand the background and the transformation of the former courthouse into the design center.

Eindhoven Design

The Eindhoven Dutch Design Week is the highlight of the year for many national and international designers. If you can’t make it to this event, a visit to the Design House is the best way to get an impression of the creative design culture in Eindhoven.

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