The Hague Pub Tour


Every big city has its own unique, historic pubs. These are places where political parties were founded, famous plays were conceived and movie or television celebrities gather. Naturally The Hague, with its long history of famous people, has many such pubs with their own special story.

Political figures on Plein square

Start your tour with a cup of coffee at Haagsche Kluis, an old banking house. You are literally enjoying your drink in the bank vault! Move on to Plein 19 or Berger, both of which are located on Plein square. This is where political figures meet and of course there are plenty of journalists hoping to get a real scoop. Another great location for a drink is Boterwaag on Grote Markt.

The Hague Rock City

The Hague is known for its solid rock scene. It has given birth to famous rock bands and stars like Golden Earring, Anouk and Di-rect. De Zwarte Ruiter is the gathering place for current and future rock stars. If you are in the mood for some good live music, then the best places to visit are Paard van Troje or De Paap.

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