The Mills of Kinderdijk


Your photo album of your trip to Holland isn’t complete without a shot of the windmills at Kinderdijk. The nineteen mills were constructed around 1740 as part of a larger water management system which prevented floods. Now they’re a symbol of Dutch water management.

Great picturesque moments

The mills are lined up in two opposite rows and form a spectacular sight. The unique character of the area was rewarded with a UNESCO recognition in 1997.

In July and August, you can witness how all nineteen mills still operate. During wintertime, you can capture the best picturesque moments here, when families ice-skate along the Kinderdijk.

Unique Dutch sight

If you want to see windmills in Holland, you should visit the mills of Kinderdijk. Situated only 25 kilometers from Rotterdam, the mills provide you with amazing pictures and a good impression on how the millers and their families used to live.

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