The Vinkeveense Plassen


The Vinkeveense Plassen (Lakes of Vinkeveen) offer something for everyone in the field of recreation and nature. The lakes are characterized by twelve sand islands that offer unique opportunities for water recreation. You can explore the lakes by motor, sail or electric boat or canoe.

The Islands

The sand islands are fully equipped for outdoor recreation. There are berths, toilets, beaches, lawns, play areas and picnic tables. A few islands even have their own pavilion where you can enjoy a snack. Most of the sand islands are only accessible by water, though two islands can also be reached from the mainland. During the summer, you can even camp on one of the islands. 

Diving and Water-Skiing

The clear water of the Vinkeveense Plassen make it a popular diving site. There’s a designated diving zone of approximately 180 meters long and 120 meters wide with several ‘diving objects’ placed at various depths. The lakes also include a water skiing area, where you can skim the surface from sunrise to sunset.

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