The White House


The White House

The White House of Rotterdam was the first skyscraper in Europe. Build in 1898, the 43-meter-high, art-nouveau structure is a prime example of Dutch architecture. Enjoy a drink in one of the bars on the ground floor.

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‘Het Witte Huis’ (The White House) in Rotterdam is not a copy of the world-famous white house in Washington. The Dutch White House was the first skyscraper in Europe and was build between 1897 and 1898. It is one of the few structures that survived the 1940 bombings of Rotterdam.

Making the White House

Architect Molenbroek was the daredevil who designed the skyscraper. The White House is 43 meters high and counts ten floors. The style of the building is art-nouveau. It was build with an elevator, which is unique for buildings from that period.

The construction of the White House wasn’t  easy; the costs were higher than expected, the nearby port had to be closed for a while and a building next to the construction site collapsed during the engineering of the foundations.

Daring Dutch Architecture

The White House ended up being a beautiful building and an example of daring Dutch architecture. You can visit the White House and enjoy a drink in one of the bars on the ground floor. On one side of the building you can still see some of the damage done to the building during  World War II.

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