The White Village of Thorn


The white village of Thorn was once a miniature principality led by an abbes and a convent of twenty noble ladies. Now it’s a historical site that attracts many tourist who want to see Thorn’s cobbled streets, beautiful Abbey Church and characteristic white houses with their own eyes.

History of Thorn

The history of Thorn dates back to the late 10th century. In the course of time, Thorn developed into a miniature principality with its own jurisprudence and currency. In 1794, the aristocrats fled with the arrival of the French. The French claimed a tax based on the size of the windows, which the poor population, often living in large houses formerly belonging to wealthy people, could not afford. So they bricked up many windows and tried to cover up their poverty by whitewashing their houses.

Panorama Thorn

The municipal museum "The Land of Thorn" allows you to visit the Panorama Thorn. This is a three dimensional painting that depicts the historic core. You can also visit the Chapel under the Linden. This is only 2 kilometers outside the historic center and well worth the walk.

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