Vlissingen is a lively seaside and tourist resort that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Besides the attractiveness of its seaside location, Vlissingen offers numerous beach pavilions and a varied nightlife. There are also some nearby attractions, such as ‘Het Arsenaal’, which are ideal for a family day out.

Highlights of Vlissingen

Vlissingen’s main attraction is its seaside boulevard and lovely beaches. You would almost forget that the city holds 300 monuments to which it owes its typical maritime character. Zeeland’s tumultuous past is presented in the municipal museum muZEEum. A fun world of pirates and an educational tour through the North Sea are combined at ‘Het Arsenaal’. Last but not least, Vlissingen offers all sorts of watersport activities.

Visit Vlissingen

Enjoy activities on the beach, the seaside boulevard and water in Vlissingen. There’s a good chance you’ll walk into a musical festival, market or fun fair during the summer. The culinary specialty of Zeeland is mussels so if you get the chance, enjoy them with a beer or glass of wine.

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