Walibi Holland


Walibi Holland is perhaps the most exciting theme park of the Netherlands. It has many fast rides and attractions that spin you around, lift you up to great heights and play with g-forces. The park also provides plenty of entertainment for the younger visitors.

Amusement at Walibi

Walibi Holland is no place for the faint of heart. You won't get time to catch your breath between the several roller coasters and other rides with names like Aztec, el Condor and Goliath. Just hold on tight as you reach breakneck speeds, make head spinning loops and experience breathtaking drops.

Walibi Flevoland

The park is open almost every day between April and November. Check the website for the latest information and receive a discount if you book your tickets online. Have a fantastic time at Walibi Holland.

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Spijkweg 30
8256RJ Biddinghuizen

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