Want a beer?


Beer has been brewed in Holland since the dawn of humanity. Originally, brewing was done mainly by monasteries, but in recent centuries big beer breweries have come to distribute their famous brands internationally. Some of these breweries organise tours, but you can also enjoy a beer at the pub or on a terrace. Most pubs serve the well-known big beer brands from the keg but they also often serve plenty of specialty beers. These are specially brewed beers from small, local breweries. Be careful, though, since specialty beers can be surprisingly potent.

Traditionally tasty

These days, we drink beer for fun and relaxation. But hundreds of years ago, it was one of the few things that could be consumed safely since water was often contaminated and milk had a very short shelf life. Because beer is made with boiled water and the hops also contribute to the sterilisation process, both adults and children drank a lot of beer in the past. So many villages had their own, small breweries comparable to the many small breweries still found throughout Holland today.

Always tasty

After a long day, pick a nice-looking pub and let the barman advise you. Whether you choose a well-known Dutch beer brand from the keg or a specially brewed beer from a bottle, Dutch beers are always tasty and an excellent way to quench your thirst. Cheers!

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