Why wellness?


Saunas are almost as old as the hills. While there are many different types of sauna, the basic principle is generally the same. Hot steam results in perfect relaxation and intense purification of the skin. The cold plunge bath stimulates blood circulation. A sauna visit therefore improves your health and immune system and helps you to achieve a state of utter relaxation.


Sauna facilities and wellness centres as they exist in Holland go back a long way. As early as the fourth century BC, the Greeks and Romans had sweat houses in their sports arenas, which athletes and soldiers used to build their resilience. Through the centuries many varieties developed all over the world, from the Finnish sauna to Ayurvedic sweat lodges in India and hammams in Turkey.

Holland, wellness country

In ancient times, bath and sauna houses were places where people came to bathe, relax and meet friends. The social function of these places was important early on. Not much has changed since those days, although the facilities have been modernised and are more luxurious. Holland has countless well-appointed sauna facilities and wellness centres in beautiful locations. So if you are visiting Holland, don’t forget to enjoy some relaxing and beautifying moments at one of its wellness centres.

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