Wind energy in Holland


Wind energy has been used in Holland since the inception of the country. Windmills have harnessed the power of the wind to drain the wetlands, saw logs for building, grind grain for food, and many other industrial purposes. This has not changed as time progressed, though the type of wind power used has certainly changed. No longer large wooden or stone windmills but modern wind turbines spin to create the electricity that a modern country like Holland needs.

How much energy are we talking about here?

Wind power in Holland is seen as a renewable energy source. From the early windmills that provided an alternative to the water-powered mills of the time to the modern era where wind power is being harnessed both on and off shore, Holland is a leader in the field. Onshore wind turbines in Holland, especially in the north, were generating almost 2000 megawatts in 2009. Offshore, two windfarms have been generating about 250 megawatts. To compare, a typical coal power station can produce between 600 and 700 megawatts.

From long ago to today

Holland is the place to experience wind power first hand. With over 1000 historic windmills and many modern wind turbines throughout the country, it's the place to explore both the history of wind power and where the field is going. Although the new windmills are very sustainable, the old ones keep such a romantic and nostalgic touch that in Schiedam, where five historic windmills still stand, a new wind turbine was disguised to look like one of the historic mills.


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