Zandvoort is famous for its splendid beach and Circuit Park Zandvoort (Zandvoort Racetrack). This town located by the sea has attracted beach lovers since it opened its first beach house in 1828. From that day, on the fishing industry became more and more subsidiary to tourism.

Highlights of Zandvoort

Next to beach lovers who want to enjoy the sun, beach pavilions and nightlife, Zandvoort attracts many motorsport fans. The racetrack Circuit Park Zandvoort is located in the dunes and is known for its fast, sweeping bends. There are days on which you are allowed to test your driving skills on the track.

Visit Zandvoort

Whether you are a beach lover, a motorsport fan or both, Zandvoort offers everything you need for a fantastic day out. You can reach Zandvoort from Amsterdam by train within half an hour. Check with the local tourist information office (VVV) if there are any events coming up.

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