There are more than 1000 castles in Holland. Most of the castles in Holland, some of which may be called a slot (manor house) or a burcht (fortress), were built during the Middle Ages as defensive structures. Over the years, the purpose of these castles changed, and many become more of a country estate or palace, where the privileged citizens would spend the summer months to relax. These days, many castles are a local attraction where visitors come to admire the architecture, art collections and gardens. Several castles focus primarily on children, giving them the opportunity to pretend they are knights or damsels for a day. The castles of Holland offer something for everyone, reason enough to visit a castle.

  • Amerongen Castle

    Meet the former residents of Castle Amerongen thanks to a modern multimedia production, and stroll around the beautiful castle gardens, with a total area of 10 hectares (almost 25 acres).

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  • Kasteel de Haar

    Be enchanted by the largest castle of Holland.

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  • Bouvigne Castle

    Bouvigne is a fairy-tale castle surrounded by extraordinary gardens south of Breda.

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  • Bergh Castle

    Castle Bergh has an amazing art collection, and offers visitors the possibility of spending the night in a castle.

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  • Doorwerth Castle

    Bike or take a hike through the natural areas surrounding Castle Doorwerth, and try to wrap your arms around the 7-meter (almost 23 ft.!) circumference of the oldest tree in Holland.

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  • Hoensbroek Castle

    Hoensbroek Castle houses a beautiful castle museum with great activities for kids, and has an interesting collection of centuries-old objects on display.

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