Valentine’s Day


February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day: it’s the day of love. As early as AD 496, Pope Gelasius decided that 14 February was the day dedicated to the sainted Valentine. Since that time it has been a special day on which people show their loved one how much he or she means to them.

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Celebrating Valentine's Day in Holland is a really special experience. For example, you could spend a romantic weekend in Amsterdam. Or combine Valentine's Day with a visit to the Dutch coast .

  • The romantic city of Amsterdam is the ideal destination on Valentine's Day.
  • At the beginning of February, if you're lucky, you can go iceskating on the canals.
  • You'll find plenty of restaurants in Holland for a dinner for two.

Valentine's Day is a day for lovers. Back in 469, Pope Gelasius named 14 February St Valentine's Day. And since then, this has been the day where men and women make the ones they love aware of their love for them.

Valentine's Day in Holland

In Holland, people may proclaim their love anonymously on Valentine's Day - with a card or a flower. Or they openly express their devotion. The Dutch tend to be fairly prosaic people, and therefore it often involves a card, a flower or a small present. As Holland is a land of flowers, there are always special offers on Valentine's Day for floral bouquets and arrangements. As is the case in the rest of the world, flowers in Holland are also more expensive than usual on Valentine's Day.

Going Out on Valentine's Day

Naturally, it's also an ideal day to go for a meal with the one you love. Many restaurants in Holland offer special Valentine's Day menus. How do you fancy a romantic dinner looking out over the sea, the harbour or a canal? But remember to make your reservations in good time if you want to go out as a couple in Holland on this day. This also applies to other holidays in Holland.

A Romantic Weekend in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam, with its idyllic canals and canal houses, cosy cafes and restaurants, is a romantic city through and through, even in winter at the time around Valentine's Day. Go iceskating together, listen to a classical concert in the Concertgebouw, or take a carriage through the Vondelpark. You can find more tips here about romantic Amsterdam.

Spending Valentine's Day in Holland

In Holland, there are several romantic hotel which are perfectly suited for spending a long weekend around Valentine's Day, or a 'wellness weekend', for example. Would you rather stay in a luxurious hotel on the beach, or in a bed and breakfast by an Amsterdam canal? Take a look at the major hotel offers in Holland here.

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