14 August 2015 - 23 August 2015

The Grachtenfestival or Canal Festival has been one of the most wonderful cultural events in Amsterdam since 1998. And it is more than that – it is also one of the main annual events for young talents in classical music. It started out as a four-day event but has since evolved into a ten-day classical music marathon.

Unique locations

Over the course of ten days more than 150 concerts are held on a range of stages, often very special ones. You can attend concerts in private homes and gardens and on roof terraces, in cruise ships and traditional rooms in canal houses, in tube tunnels and hotel suites. The best part is that the concerts have a low threshold and are very affordable (often free of charge).

Prinsengracht Concert

The main event at the Grachtenfestival is the Prinsengracht Concert. This classical concert, often involving big names, is held on a pontoon on the canal (facing the Pulitzer Hotel) and the audience lines the canal, with hundreds more listening from little boats on the canal. This is definitely a must see if you happen to be in Amsterdam at the time of the Grachtenfestival.

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