Tilburgse Kermis funfair


18 July 2014 - 27 July 2014

The city of Tilburg grinds to a halt for ten days every year, except at the funfair! The Tilburgse Kermis boasts 230 to 240 attractions ranging from rollercoasters and catapults to bumper cars, spread across 4.5 kilometres in the city centre. It is the biggest funfair in the Benelux.

Spectacle and nostalgia

Every year over one million people visit the fair, making it the most popular event in Holland. Generally speaking the attractions are hypermodern and spectacular, but you should also have a look at the Willemsplein square where there is space for a ‘nostalgic fair'.


On the last night of the fair, the attractions are ‘buried’ the traditional way. The fair closes at 22:00 and a long line of people and musicians walk from the Heuvelse Kerk to the Piushaven for some spectacular fireworks. So if you happen to be visiting Holland at the time of the Tilburgse Kermis fair, make sure to stop by!