Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen


20 augustus 2015 - 30 augustus 2015

Noorderzon is an international arts manifestation that attracts over 125.000 visitors each year. In eleven days time you get to experience high quality, cutting-edge international cross-over theater. Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival is well known beyond the Dutch borders.

Creative and Innovative Art Projects

Expect creative art projects, such as those by video and multimedia artists who use the city as a blank canvas, a human library where you can borrow a person and listen to his or her story, a fair with dragons,bizarre creations and light artists that illuminate the local park. The festival Noorderzon always succeeds in her mission to offer high quality, cutting-edge international cross-over theater to a diverse audience.

Visit Noorderzon in Groningen

Over eighty performances of (inter)national groups guarantee a wonderful program that will most likely surprise and overwhelm you. The festival takes place in August and lasts eleven days. If you travel to Groningen by train it’s only a ten minute walk to the festival grounds from the station.

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