Groninger Museum


The Groninger Museum can’t be missed; straight across Central Station you’ll see the bold design by the Italian architect Mendini. The museum houses a great variety of art. The works of a local artistic group De Ploeg and the collection of Chinese and Japanese porcelain are world renowned.

The Collection

The museum has a lot to offer, including fashion, photography, design and paintings. The porcelain collection and works by De Ploeg hold a special place in the museum. New expositions and interaction with the visitors have a high priority at the museum.

The building of the Groninger Museum is a robust spectacle of striking forms, colors, and materials. Four pavilions, grouped around a golden-yellow tower, accommodate exhibitions of the museum’s own collection.

Art in Groningen

Groninger Museum is the art museum of Groningen. All sorts of art are displayed in a colorful and playful structure. The design of the museum building alone is worth a visit.