Museum Catharijneconvent Utrecht


Museum Catharijneconvent is housed in the city center of Utrecht in a former medieval monastery. Here you’ll learn more about the fascinating history of Christianity in Holland. The past, present and future are explained with the use of historical objects and multimedia.

Protestantism and Catholicism under one Roof

What makes this museum unique in the world is its collection, which is a combination of both Protestant and Catholic works. Another great quality is the diversity of the collection, which includes exquisite gold and silver, statues of saints, GSUS jeans, paintings by old masters, such as Rembrandt, video art and centuries-old manuscripts.

Award Winning Collection

Museum Catharijneconvent has won many awards for its outstanding collection. Next to the permanent collection, the museum hosts many temporary collections with biblical themes. It’s time for you to delve into the religious aspects of Holland.

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