Bronbeek museum


Bronbeek, also known as the ‘Royal Home for Former Military Personnel and Museum’, is a wonderful former estate in Arnhem with an extraordinary past. It was built in 1820 for Herman Stijgerwald but was soon sold to King Willem III. In 1857 he donated the house, which was subsequently converted into a home for disabled soldiers from the Dutch East Indies.

Military nursing home

Even today it still serves as a nursing home for some 50 former military personnel in what used to be the KNIL (Royal Dutch East Indian Army), although it is also and foremost a museum featuring exhibitions on the colonial past of Holland.

Historic weaponry and uniforms

There are permanent exhibitions of cannons and a range of weapons used by the military in the Dutch East Indies. The museum also showcases many uniforms, weapons and paintings for anyone interested of the colonial past of the Dutch in the Dutch East Indies. Address: Velperweg 147, Arnhem.

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