Frans Hals Museum


In the 17th century, citizens wanted to capture their wealth and status on canvas. Portraits became popular and Frans Hals became known as the best portrait painter in the country. The Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem has many artworks of masters from the 16th and 17th century and is home to the world’s biggest Frans Hals collection.

The Masterpieces of Frans Hals

Frans Hals is especially known for his ‘schutterstukken’. These are group portraits of the ruling civil guards of that time. To be appointed to make their portrait was considered a great honor and was a very considerable task. Frans Hals was commissioned to create such an important work up to five times.

What made Frans Hals great was that he dared to be different. His paintings have a vivid likeness, typical setting and seem to be in motion. He knew how to capture a moment in time and bring it to life on canvas. Every time you look at one of Frans Hals’ group portraits, it feels like you’ve just disturbed a moment between friends. 

Monet, Corbet and You

Frans Hals’ work was of great influence in the 19th century. Great masters of impressionism, like Monet, Corbet and Manet, visited the Frans Hals Museum to admire his art. Now it’s your turn to behold the masterpieces of Frans Hals and many of his contemporaries.