You will probably have heard of Gouda before you ever visited Holland. Gouda has a worldwide reputation thanks its Gouda cheese. Besides cheese, the city has another famous product: ‘stroopwafels’ (syrup waffles). Every year the city is visited by thousands of people who want a taste of these two fine products.

Gouda Highlights

If you visit Gouda in spring or summertime you can see the traditional cheese market in full swing. Cheese is traded much the same way in which it was done centuries ago, on the market square between the ‘Waag’ (weigh house) and the City Hall. The latter is one of the oldest gothic town halls in Holland and definitely worth a picture or two. The Saint John Church is known for its sixteenth century stained glass, which has attracted tourists since the seventeenth century.

Strolling through Gouda

Old times are brought back to life as you stroll along the canals, alleyways and medieval mansions. Besides the cheese market Gouda hosts another great event: the Candle Evening. Once a year on a December evening, the electric lighting is switched of and Gouda is lit by thousands of candles. You are welcome to join the event and sing Christmas songs in front of the city hall, which is lit by 2500 candles.