Beurs van Berlage


The Beurs van Berlage is considered Holland's most important 19th-century architectural monument. The brick building is was Berlage’s first design and made him instantly world famous. 

The Beurs van Berlage  

The Beurs van Berlage was built between 1898 and 1903. A part of the river Amstel, where the trading ships used to berth, had to be reclaimed. Historical figures and symbolic illustrations decorated the impressive structure of red bricks.

The main purpose of the Beurs van Berlage was trade. It accommodated the stock market for many years. Today it is an important location for meetings and events. 

Beurs van Berlage Museum  

The imposing building is an eye-catching feature in Amsterdam's cityscape. Coming from Amsterdam Central Station you will soon see the building on your left. The Beurs van Berlage Museum and a part of the exchange building is now open to the public.

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