Vondelpark in Amsterdam


The central park of Amsterdam is the ‘Vondelpark’. This national heritage monument attracts thousands of people of Amsterdam every day of the week. Whether you want to sport, relax, dine and dine or are in search of culture, the Vondelpark is the place to be.

More than a Park

There’s much more to do than enjoying the winding paths, rose garden and ponds of this English landscape park. The Vondelpark has a tea house, restaurant, bar, and an open air theater, where you can witness great performances during the summer. On King’s Day the park turns into the greatest unregulated market you’ve ever seen.

Visit the Vondelpark

The park attracts approximately ten million visitors a year. Why don’t you give it a try too? It’s a great spot to relax, sunbath and watch other people, especially during the summer.

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