Harbour cycling tour


If you happen to be in Rotterdam and feel like going on a 30-kilometre bicycle tour, the ‘harbour itinerary’ could be just for you. The tour starts at the Maritime Museum. Kop van Zuid is reached via the Willemsbrug bridge and Noordereiland. These harbours were developed by the infamous businessman Lodewijk Pincoffs.

Café Courzand

The Erasmusbrug bridge and historic Veerhaven will take you to the Maastunnel. As you exit the tunnel, you will feel like you have gone back in time. In 'Zuid' you will reach bustling Waalhaven along the Heijplaat peninsula, a village with extraordinary architecture that was built for RDM employees in the early 20th century. This might be a good opportunity to have a drink and a snack at Café Courzand (Courzandweg 40).


You will now ride past Pernis, a village surrounded by the harbours and refineries of Rotterdam. Through the Beneluxtunnel and towards the Noordoever, where you will see the world’s five biggest windmills near Schiedam. Schiedam of course is known for its ‘jenever’ (Dutch gin) history, which is commemorated in the old harbours and warehouses.


When you return to Rotterdam, relax for a while in the historic village of Delfshaven before cycling back to the city centre. A visit to the Rotterdam Port Experience (Willemsplein 73-79) will complement your harbour tour quite nicely.

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