Bicycle itinerary The Hague - Rotterdam


If you are visiting The Hague and feel like sightseeing on a bicycle, we definitely recommend a bike ride to the great port city of Rotterdam. You will not just enjoy the destination, but also the itinerary. This route takes you through a beautiful region and is known as the Vaartenroute or water tour. You will ride past the waters of the Vliet, Schie and Nieuwe Maas rivers and cross the Hof van Delftland with its lovely pastures.


The Vaartenroute starts on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague and leads you past the Binnenhof and Spui until you turn right along the Trekvliet canal. Follow the Rijswijkseweg until you reach the Vliet and continue along the water towards Rijswijk and Delft. You will ride through the polders of Midden-Delfland, along the Schie river to Delfshaven, until you reach Rotterdam. The tour takes you past dozens of bridges, windmills and water pumping stations – it is a truly wonderful ride. Thanks to the road signs you simply cannot get lost. The entire itinerary takes about three hours.

Great lunch

The region you will be crossing is called the Hof van Delfland, a unique network of natural areas and waterways between The Hague and Rotterdam. It is a beautiful tour about fifty kilometres long (from The Hague to Rotterdam and back). Fortunately there are many places along the way and in Rotterdam where you can rest and enjoy a good lunch on a lovely terrace. If the entire itinerary is too long, you may choose to return to The Hague by railway. In that case, don’t forget to buy a train ticket for your bicycle as well as yourself.

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