Dutch recipes

If you feel like having a hearty winter meal, a special regional dish or a tasty snack from Holland but have no time to travel to Holland, don’t panic. These recipes will help you bring Dutch cuisine into your own home. Read all about the ingredients, preparation and background of these Dutch dishes. Prepare dishes like ‘bitterballen’ (ragout balls), ‘stamppot’ (mashed potatoes with vegetables) and ‘suikerbrood’ (sugared bread) and travel to Holland with every bite. Above all, enjoy!

  • Bitterballen


    Holland has the best snack in the world: bitterballen. One bite and you’re hooked!

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  • Boterkoek


    The Dutch Boterkoek, butter cake, is one of those delicacies that showcases the goodness of all that dairy richness The Netherlands is famous for.

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  • Hutspot


    Try our hutspot: an extremely popular evening meal during the cold winter days.

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  • Boerenkool


    The weather, besides being a traditional topic of discussion for the Dutch, also seems to trigger certain food choices.

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  • Andijviestamppot


    A ‘stamppot’ is a pan full of mashed potatoes and vegetables. The Dutch love it and you will probably too.

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  • Split pea soup

    Split pea soup

    The Dutch love soup in all flavors, shapes and sizes. Erwtensoep might just be the all-time favorite.

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  • Stroopwafels


    Holland is the land of cookies and the stroopwafel has a worldwide reputation as a sweet treat.

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  • Gehaktballen


    “Woensdag Gehaktdag!” In The Netherlands, "Wednesday is ground meat day".

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  • Uitsmijter


    Dutch breakfast usually consists of bread: slices or rolls in the morning with a cup of coffee

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  • Bossche Bollen

    Bossche Bollen

    See if you can eat a Bossche Bol without getting covered with whipped cream and chocolate.

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