Traveling around Holland by Ferry


It will not come as a great surprise that a country that so abounds with water offers public transportation along its waterways. Some ferries exclusively transport cyclists and pedestrians, other ferries also take cars across our numerous rivers as an alternative for bridges and tunnels.

Fast Ferries and Water Taxis

Every day, Fast Flying Ferries sail up and down the North Sea Channel to Amsterdam from the coastal towns of IJmuiden and Velsen. Fast ferries also link the cities of Dordrecht and Rotterdam. You are also sure to like the water taxi as a way of getting around town in  the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The Dutch Wadden Islands

The Dutch Wadden Islands can be reached easily and quickly from the mainland. The boat trip to the Wadden Islands gives your holiday an extra dimension. Two double-deck ferries depart from Den Helder every hour and reach the Island of Texel within twenty minutes. Vlieland and Terschelling are both accessed by ferry from Harlingen. The express service only takes some 45 minutes, the regular service approximately two hours. The trip from Holwerd to the Island of Ameland only takes three quarters of an hour. The ferry from Lauwersoog in Groningen travels to Schiermonnikoog approximately four times a day. Special hop-on hop-off boats take you to several of the Dutch Wadden Islands. This ‘island hopping’ is a great way to explore these northernmost parts of Holland.

Information on Ferries

More information on ferry services is available at the local tourist information office (VVV) and on the websites listed below.

  • Fast Flying Ferry (Amsterdam-Velsen and IJmuiden)
  • Waterbus (Dordrecht-Rotterdam)
  • Watertaxi (Rotterdam)
  • Watertaxi (Amsterdam)
  • Rederij Doeksen (Terschelling, Vlieland),
  • Wagenborg passenger services (Schiermonnikoog and Ameland)
  • Teso (Texel)