Media Request Guidelines

Support that the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions (NBTC) can provide

  • City/Regional/Attraction media kits
  • Interview opportunities with Rosina Shiliwala, Director, North America about travel to Holland
  • Background information, calendar of events and statistics on travel to Holland
  • Itinerary suggestions based on your interests (classic travel, arts, or lifestyle)
  • Fact checking of stories related to travel to Holland
  • Film and photos of Holland can be accessed free from our Holland Media Library, provided all images are accurately credited to the photographer (please check image for credit information)

Basic Guidelines

Journalists should be prepared to submit a letter of assignment from their editor indicating intent to publish their feature or article along with a recent copy of the publication they are writing for. All media outlets considered must be based in the United States or Canada. Outlets and story angles must fit within our target market and promotion strategy. Approval of press trip assistance is at the discretion of NBTC, based on the type of publication, target audience and circulation/unique visitor/viewership numbers. We reserve the right to decline assistance for any request.

Whenever possible, please allow at least 4-6 weeks before date of departure for assistance from NBTC for logistical purposes.

Freelance writers need to provide two recently published (within 1 year) travel or lifestyle related clips from an established outlet for the request for assistance to be considered.

While we welcome the opportunity to work with television productions, The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions cannot arrange necessary work visas or filming permits.

Travel and Transportation Support

Each media request will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine the level of support we can provide, which is based on many factors. Please note that The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions can not support overseas travel for every request.

Based on your itinerary, we may be able to assist with transportation transfers between major cities in Holland, at the discretion of the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions. We do not provide any reimbursement for taxi fares or transport to/from your US or Canadian home airport.


The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions does not pay for hotel accommodations. We liaise with local tourism boards in Holland to try to secure a media rate for visiting media depending on the media (for a maximum of 3 nights). Offers of complimentary accommodation are at the discretion of our partner hotels in Holland and may not always be available.

Visiting Attractions in Holland

Upon request, The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions can offer standard itinerary suggestions for areas of Holland frequented by North American tourists.

We can request an iamsterdam card for accredited media with a story assignment.

The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions can arrange meetings with museums and attraction representatives where needed/applicable during your visit to Holland.