The Arcen Castle Gardens


Come see the most beautiful gardens in Holland at the Arcen Castle Gardens; you’ll feel as if you’ve taken a trip back in time in this centuries-old castle. Be amazed at the beauty of the flowers and plants in the magnificent Rose Garden, the Asian water garden and the Lommerrijk (“shade gardens”).  In addition to the beautiful gardens at the Arcen Castle gardens and the Castle, there are also a variety of animals to see.

Birds of prey demonstrations and Bird Dates

Birds of prey demonstrations are held regularly during the high tourist season. The falconer has trained birds such as buzzards, hawks and eagles to fly low over the audience. During the Bird Dates, you can learn more about a specific species of bird. You can get a closer look at the birds, and the caretakers can tell you everything you want to know.

Animal Time

The animals are fed at different times during the day: Animal Time. You can attend these feedings and ask the caretakers questions. There are special feeding times open to the public for the flamingoes, beluga sturgeons and the squirrel monkeys.

For further information, visit the website of The Arcen Castle Gardens.

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