Shopping at the Admirant and Piazza Centre

The bustling centre of Eindhoven has a lot to offer if you like shopping. Big department stores, specialty shops and a broad variety of eating and drinking venues abound. If you prefer indoor shopping, the city boasts two beautiful covered shopping malls: the Admirant and Piazza Centre.

Piazza Centre

Piazza centre at 18 September Square in the inner city is a wonderful shopping mall with plenty of fashion, lifestyle and trendy shops. The four floors are decorated in a unique manner, filled with space and light, so you will always find something you like. In addition to great shopping, the mall accommodates a broad range of catering establishments for a drink and a bite to eat.

The Admirant

The Admirant also makes for some great shopping. Whether you are looking for the latest fashion or a good book, you can find it here. Here, too, there are brasseries that serve a tasty lunch and sandwich shops for snacks. Both shopping malls are situated on 18 September Square in Eindhoven.