Geelvinck Museum


In the Golden Age (17th century) Amsterdam was one of the world’s important trading cities. The merchants and regents, who commissioned huge city palaces in the ‘Golden Bend’ on the Herengracht canal, were at the height of their power and wealth. Discover their world at the Geelvinck Hinlopen House, which is now called the Geelvinck Museum and shows how the rich and mighty lived at the time.

Period rooms

The former residence of Albert Geelvinck (1647-1693) tells the story of the regent families towards the end of the Golden Age. Explore the unique period rooms with their beautiful furniture, porcelain and glasswork from the Golden Age on the ground floor. Discover how their taste was influenced by the many contacts with other cultures.

Extraordinary historical garden

The beautiful building features a coach house, reception room, period rooms in e.g. Rococo or Neoclassical style and of course a beautiful garden. You should definitely find some time to stroll around! The museum is opened daily from 11:00 to 17:00. Address: Keizersgracht 633, Amsterdam.

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