Museum De Lakenhal


Museum ‘De Lakenhal’ is the Municipal Museum of Leiden and is housed in the former cloth makers’ hall dating from 1640. The Lakenhal focuses on Dutch urban culture from the 16th century up to the present. It has some paintings by great Dutch masters, such as Rembrandt.

History and Art at De Lakenhal

The museum reflects on several periods starting at the 16th century. Paintings, silver, glass, furniture, photographs, sculptures, pewter and tiles create an impression of the Dutch way of life throughout time. You can enjoy works of art ranging from old masters to work by modern artists. Temporary exhibitions present the Dutch artistic climate of the time.

De Lakenhal Leiden

De Lakenhal in Leiden can give you a great impression of the way Dutch urban culture developed from the 16th century up until the present day. Plus, the building is a historical monument worth a visit in itself. If you’re in Leiden you should definitely have a look at the Lakenhal.

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