Tulip Festival 2014


16 april 2014 - 4 mei 2014

Dutch tulips are found in several areas. There are tulips in the Westland, tulips in North Holland and also in the Noordoostpolder. But did you know that the Noordoostpolder has the most tulips of the whole country? The Tulip Festival was created to introduce you to the tulip fields in the Noordoostpolder.

Tulips to admire in the Noordoostpolder

Every year thousands of people come to see the tulip fields of the Noordoostpolder.  The tulip bulbs that were planted a few months ago, have now transformed acres of land into a colorful spectacle.

The Tulip Festival offers a special route which takes you along the most beautiful and panoramic tulip fields in this polder. You can choose between hiking, biking, horse carriage rides and covered wagon tours. You can also combine your tulip tour with cultural attractions and culinary experiences. You can stay overnight at  numerous campsites and farms.

Tulips in Spring

The Noordoostpolder organizes many special activities during the Tulip Festival. You can enjoy walks, cycling routes, tulip garden shows, mosaic pathways, photography competitions, blossom routes and many more fun activities. You can consult the event calendar and download tulip routes from the website of the Tulip Festival. In short, there is a lot to experience in the coming spring season at the Noordoostpolder.