Can Cool be Taught? Find out in the return of “Holland. The Original Cool."


8 april 2014

Are you craving more of Holland’s cool vibe after last year’s adventure, “Holland. The Original Cool.”? The highly successful campaign, launched by the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Amsterdam Marketing, received more than 1 million video views in only four months – and now it’s back with a whole new series of adventures in 2014.

Can cool be taught? That’s the question posed in the first video as Holland’s cool ambassador, Pim de Koel, continues to explore the country’s diverse cultural fabric, including art, design, biking, culinary, and more. A three-part series in 2014, the first episode takes one American along for the ride, to see if Holland’s cool factor can be taught - even to someone simply on vacation! Whisked away on a KLM flight, the adventure starts with KLM’s innovative “Meet & Seat” feature, which allows travelers to choose and connect with potential seatmates via social media, ensuring any trip to Holland has a cool start.

After landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Pim begins to teach our American traveler how to be originally cool, starting with a visit to Amsterdam, and showing him how to adapt to the Dutch way of life through biking, museums, canals, local foods and other authentically Dutch experiences. 

Check out the adventures of “Holland. The Original Cool.” at, where interested travelers can find photos and inspiration to book a trip to Holland in 2014. From the celebrations around the very first King’s Day in April to the reopening of the renowned Mauritshuis in The Hague in June, travelers will find they can be immersed in Holland’s original cool culture year-round.

Fans won’t have to wait long for another dose of the original cool. Pim’s adventures will continue with a new episode in early May, when he explores the question – can Holland’s original cool be experienced?