Groningen has a magnificent and varied countryside, ideal for cycling and walking. The most famous Dutch walking track, Het Pieterpad, starts in Pieterburen. This town is also known for its Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre Lenie 't Hart. The nature areas of the most northeastern province of the Netherlands are well worth a visit.

Highlights of Groningen

Groningen city is the capital of the province of Groningen. Here you can enjoy a large variety of museums, monuments and especially shops. To say that the nightlife of this university city is lively would be an understatement. Fortress Bourtange gives you an impression of the historical importance of Groningen. To the north of Groningen lie the Wadden islands Rottumeroog and Rottumerplaat. Though these are two uninhabited and protected islands you can find information about the possibility of visiting the unique flora and fauna at the the tourist information office (VVV).

Visit Groningen

Discover the province of Groningen and enjoy its green, natural surroundings. The Groningen town Haren in particular is known as one of the greenest places in Holland. On a sunny day you, can swim and enjoy many other water sports at Paterswoldemeer.

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