Outside Amsterdam: Gay Guide


While Amsterdam is famous for embracing and catering to the gay traveller, the rest of the Netherlands is often overlooked. There are plenty of gay friendly institutions outside Amsterdam's storied canals. Below is an overview.


Just 30 minutes south of Amsterdam lies the university town of Utrecht. The city is famous for it's students, nightlife, and important Dutch art and design attractions such as the Rietveld Schröder House, the Dick Bruna House, and various museums.

With it's university student population and passion for music, Utrecht is known for it's parties. Formost among them is the PANN party series, which has been voted for three years in a row as the best gay party in the netherlands. The straight friendly event series features performances and music, and is organized by the gay and youth advocacy organization Stichting Pann. For more information visit their website: www.pann.nl (Dutch only).

The Hague and Scheveningen

The Netherland's royal city, The Hague, is well versed in catering to queens. Gay bars Cafe de Vink, De Landman, Cafe Duijnstee, and Triomf bar are among the better known. As is the gay club, Stairs.  The Hague also has two sauna's, Blue River and Sauna Fides.

The nearby Scheveningen beach is a popular desintation for clubs and seaside lounging. In the north end of the beach is nude beach popular with the locals. PANN beach party happens in this area in late July.


Rotterdam, famed sister city of Amsterdam, is known for it's modern architecture and jumping nightlife.

Rotterdam also has a thriving gay scene whose epicenter is focused on bars situated around Van Oldenbarneveltstraat and in the neighborhood of Westblaak. A popular favorite is the small and tightly packed Keerweer. Cosmo is an extremely laid-back bar just 5 mins walk from Keerweer and Rotterdam's main gay club, the four-floored Gay Palace is right next door.

During the day you'll want to explore the city's many museums and architectural attractions.

Anne Frank, her Diary on Stage

See ANNE in Theater Amsterdam! A unique play, translated into 8 languages, about the life of Anne Frank.

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