Urk used to be an island, until the former Zuiderzee became the lake IJsselmeer. It’s best known as a fishing village. At the harbor there is always loads of activity going on. You enjoy the action from a distance on one of the many terraces. The same harbor also offers all kinds of water sports opportunities.

Highlights of Urk

Urk's history goes back over one thousand years. Visit the old village and you can still feel the history it holds. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings by walking through the old village or from the water by boat. It’s highly recommended to eat some fresh fish in the harbor. You can also enjoy excellent fish dishes at one of the local restaurants. The nearby eel farm and a trip over the lake with the tourist line to Enkhuizen are also highly recommended.

Visit Urk

Urk is a small village with a great history, ideal for lovely walks. Charming shops, museums, beach, harbor and pool are within walking distance. Do note that the tourist line between Enkhuizen and Urk only sails in summertime. Most inhabitants of Urk consider Sunday a day of rest, so it’s best to visit Urk on weekdays or on a Saturday.

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