The IJsselmeer or (‘IJssel lake’), used to be the Zuiderzee (‘Southern Sea’). The Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen is dedicated to the culture and history of this area. Temporary exhibitions show modern Dutch design, art and fashion. During the summer people in traditional costumes demonstrate the way life used to be.

Historical and Modern Objects

The Zuiderzeemuseum focuses on the past and the present of the IJsselmeer lake, the former Zuiderzee. The museum features living history, heritage, and crafts from the past, and temporary exhibitions and new purchases that focus on the future. Don’t be surprised if you see centuries old objects lined up next to work by designers Viktor & Rolf.

Enkhuizen and Surroundings

What makes the Zuiderzeemuseum attractive is the way it combines works from the past with works from the present. Another great plus is that the museum offers numerous activities and workshops. Combine a visit to the museum with a trip in the beautiful surrounding area.

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