Blokarting in IJmuiden aan Zee


Blokarting is not allowed on all Dutch beaches but IJmuiden aan Zee has a special permit. If you’ve never heard of it, blokarting is like windsurfing in a special beach sailing kart. This means you sail across the sand in a super versatile little cart, reaching spectacular speeds.

Responsible spectacle

So if you’re after an adrenalin rush, you should definitely give blokarting a try. Thanks to the top-quality materials and excellent instructors at Seaside Sports, you can experience the ultimate freedom of this sport in a perfectly safe environment.

A beach 300 metres wide

Special blokarting tracks have been created on the seaside resort’s 300 metre wide beach so you will not be in anyone’s way (or crash into anybody either). Blokarting at Seaside Sports is always inclusive of insurance and expert coaching. If there is too little (or too much) wind, you can always make a new appointment. Address: Paviljoen Zeezicht, Kennemerstrand 180, IJmuiden aan Zee.

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