Holland on a budget

Travel through Holland with a limited budget. Even a small budget is plenty to allow you to fully enjoy a wide variety of activities, museums, culture, architecture, nature and other Dutch highlights. The overview below is a collection of attractions that you can visit for free or for just a few euros. This way your trip to Holland can give you maximum enjoyment for a minimal cost.

Tips for low budget activities in Holland

  • Molen de Adriaan

    Molen de Adriaan


    The rebuilt Molen de Adriaan windmill sits on the scenic Spaarne River in Haarlem.

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  • Molen de Valk

    Molen de Valk


    The Molen de Valk is a windmill built in 1785 and is one of the most recognizable sites in the city of Leiden.

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  • Zeeuws-Vlaanderen


    Near the Belgian border lies the National Landscape of Zeews-Vlaanderen, which is known for its beaches, nature, good food and Sunday shopping.

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  • Green Heart - The Rijnstreek

    Green Heart - The Rijnstreek

    There are many Dutch pastures and natural areas within a stone's throw from the city.

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  • Zuid-Beveland


    After a day of hiking through the lovely countryside of Zuid-Beveland, you can enjoy the most delicious local dishes in the evening.

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  • Walcheren


    Many villages by the beach claim it, but Walcheren has it. You can come by and see it for yourself: the most beautiful beaches of the Netherlands.

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  • Southwest Fryslân

    Southwest Fryslân

    Find out why this part of Friesland is a feast for boaters, cyclists, hikers and bird watchers.

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  • Zuid-Limburg


    In the southern most landscape of the Netherlands, you can enjoy nature, local delicacies and activities for young and old.

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  • Zoom-Kalmthoutse Heide National Park

    Zoom-Kalmthoutse Heide National Park

    Discover the beautiful heathlands with every kind of Dutch woodpecker.

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  • Winterswijk


    Come to relax in a landscape of fields and streams, and visit Bredevoort, the book town of the Netherlands.

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