Rijk van Nijmegen


Done exploring Nijmegen’s town centre and feeling due for some R&R? Het Rijk van Nijmegen offers beautiful natural surroundings and a broad range of facilities to help you achieve complete relaxation.

  • Enjoy the splendid natural surroundings and excellent facilities at Het Rijk van Nijmegen.
  • Visit Scandic Sanadome spa & wellness for complete relaxation.

Holland offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy lively cities. But there are also plenty of opportunities to relax in beautiful natural surroundings and wellness centres. Rijk van Nijmegen is such a location. Here you can soak up the serenity of nature and visit a top-class, luxurious wellness centre.

Scandic Sanadome

If your trip takes you to Nijmegen or if you are ready for a relaxing treat, you should definitely visit Rijk van Nijmegen. In this wooded environment, you will find wellness centre Scandic Sanadome, a Spa & Wellness Hotel equipped with excellent, luxurious facilities. The centre has large covered and open-air thermal pools, a broad range of whirlpools, hot and salt water baths, a mint room, a steam room and a solar relaxation area.

Ride a bicycle

In a nutshell, Spa & Wellness Hotel Scandic Sanadome has everything you need for a day of perfect relaxation. You can also spend the night and rent a bicycle for a beautiful ride through one of the nature parks, such as Gelderse Poort.

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