Wellness new style


For years now, Holland has had its share of beautiful wellness centres with luxurious facilities. But developments never cease and many innovative ideas have been introduced on the market, particularly in Holland. We are not just talking about special interior designs and facilities, but also about special therapeutic treatments.

Unique therapeutic treatments

Thermen Prinsenjacht in Noord Brabant, for instance, has built a unique steam grotto complete with stalactites. If you want to catch a movie whilst in the sauna, head for Thermen Holiday in Zuid Holland. The salt crystal grottoes, where special salt crystals imported from the Himalaya evaporate for an especially beneficial effect on the body, are another interesting novelty. Thermen Born in Limburg and De Veluwse Bron in Gelderland are among the wellness centres to have such grottoes.

Fish spa

Another special development is the introduction of the so-called fish spa. Experience the wonderfully odd sensation of hundreds of Garra Rufa fish nibbling your feet, not just removing old skin cells but also offering a gentle massage. Definitely a wonderful, healthy and somewhat funny experience. You can find fish spas in most big cities in Holland.

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