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Surf’s up in Rotterdam

Oct. 19, 2022

The Steigersgracht is located in the heart of the Rotterdam and this old canal will be converted into a haven for water sports enthusiasts in 2024. Perfect waves will roll through the canal on which everyone can surf, body board and kayak.

Foundation RiF010

RiF010 was supported by the Rotterdam city community. Inhabitants voted for the best project for their city and won this election in 2014. RiF010 is a foundation that offers Rotterdam youth the opportunity to surf. For every wave ridden or coffee purchased at RiF010, you support the new generation with an sportive attraction and positive energy for Rotterdam.

Perfect Waves for everybody

A wave installation produces a wave of 1.5 meters high - every 7 seconds an ideal surf wave rolls through the historic canal on which you can make a ride of approximately 8-9 seconds. This height of the waves can be adjusted with the wave-installation; a bigger barrel wave in the afternoon for experienced surfers, in the evening a smaller 1,2 meter wave for intermediate surfers. At the end of the wave pool, near the artificial beach, a smaller wave breaks on RiF2 for beginners and children.

The water of the canal is part of the river De Rotte, the place where Rotterdam was originated in the 13th century. This water will be purified to crystal clear water. So that, besides surfing waves, lessons can also be also given in Scuba diving. In addition, with a Sub or canoe, you can discover the rest of the city of Rotterdam from a different perspective. All activities are organized from the wooden beach house that will be located in the water of the canal. From the terrace with beach restaurant and surf shop you can perfectly view the activities in the water. You might even spot your friend or colleague getting ‘barrelled’ or ‘wiped out’, just a few meters away. RiF010 creates sportive and social activities for every need and level.

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