Welcome to the Netherlands

A small country that’s big on culture and nature

The Netherlands: fiercely independent, open-minded and full of pleasant surprises. Visit our amazing country and discover all the wonderful things it has to offer. Admire the groundbreaking architecture in our green cities, follow in the footsteps of the Dutch Masters or unwind in one of our many beautiful nature reserves. You’re cordially invited to immerse yourself in Dutch culture and truly feel like a local.

Young woman cycles on a windy road in the Netherlands, wind turbines in the background
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Cycling Lifestyle – How the Dutch spend their lives on bikes

Everyone cycles in the Netherlands – everywhere and all the time. Read our special cycling stories, meet cycling pioneers, and hop on a bike yourself to experience the Netherlands like a local.

Visitor views walls full of names at Namenmonument Amsterdam
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Celebrate freedom in the Netherlands

Delve into the story of 80 years of Dutch freedom - from commemoration to celebration.

Van Gogh Huis Nieuw-Amsterdam Veenoord, Drenthe
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Vincent van Gogh: shaped by the Dutch countryside

Explore the beautiful Dutch landscape that led Vincent van Gogh to become one of the greatest painters of all time. Follow in his footsteps and experience the natural beauty of Brabant and Drenthe.

Wander around our national parks

Explore the Dutch national parks

With so many national parks, the Netherlands has something for everyone. Here are our top tips.

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Like a local
Explore our cities like a true local

Explore our cities like a true local

Let’s go outside!

Let’s go outside!

The Netherlands will be more colourful than ever in the coming months! Experience our thriving nature, get a breath of fresh air by the peaceful Wadden Sea or experience groundbreaking architecture in our vibrant cities. Wherever we may host you this spring, we will make sure you always feel welcome.

Lady in Picking Garden with her own picked tulips in bucket


Travel sustainably

Travel sustainably

NS train through landscape with mill

Did you know: The train is a great way to explore the Netherlands. You’ll be guaranteed to have the wind at your back! Read more

Travelling to the Netherlands

Although the Netherlands is a small country, its international connections are great, with several sustainable ways to find your way to our country. We have listed all the options for you so you can decide which mode of transport suits you best.

Transport in the Netherlands

If you come to the Netherlands, there is one thing you can be sure of and that is excellent public transport. Because whether you set off by train, bus, tram or metro, you can get around the whole country in a sustainable and pleasant way. Check out all the available options here.

Practical tips

How do you pack your suitcase as sustainably as possible? How does contactless payment work in the Netherlands? And how do you go about checking in on public transport? You will find the answers to these questions (and many more!) in this overview of practical tips for your holiday to the Netherlands.

How to enjoy a sustainable holiday in the Netherlands!

During your trip, you naturally want to experience all kinds of special things. But how do you keep your carbon emissions limited at the same time? At least these stories make one thing clear: responsible travelling certainly doesn't have to go at the expense of having fun. On the contrary!