Woman walking beach Domburg Zeeland
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Find your way

Whether it’s your first time in the Netherlands or you’re a regular visitor, it’s always good to gather inspiration for fun outings and activities. Follow your interests – or step outside your comfort zone and try something new! We’ve collected stories about a variety of topics, and we also share practical information to ensure you can prepare for a successful stay.

Ladies with mobile in front of the Fundatie in Zwolle Hanseatic cities

Would you like to learn more about the Netherlands? Are you planning a visit and want to prepare for your stay? You’ve come to the right place. On this website, you’ll find pretty much everything you need to know about the Netherlands. Our Interests page includes heaps of things to do and discover, whatever you want to explore. And our Top holiday tips collect practical information for planning your trip.

‘Interests’ is an overview page that delves into different aspects of the Netherlands. We change these pages around every once in a while, so you can keep finding fresh inspiration. But what you’ll always find here are new ideas for your next trip to the Netherlands, plus some cultural and historical background to make your stay even more interesting.

Immerse in the artistic world

If you’re interested in arts and culture, the Netherlands has lots to offer, from the old masters to the avant-garde. Museums and galleries big and small are dotted throughout the country. On our pages, you can read more about artists, museums, theatres and street art.

You can also find out more about the historical events that had a part in making the Netherlands what it is now. To experience historical locations first-hand, read our stories about heritage, with information about interesting destinations across the country.

Lady strolls around the beautiful village of Veere, Zeeland

Experience natural beauty

Spending the night on a camping raft Broek in Waterland North Holland

If it’s natural beauty you’re after, learn about the diversity and splendor of Dutch landscapes. Forests, heathland, the ocean: we have it all. Learn about the closeness of land and water and how it has shaped our landscape and even our identity. The Netherlands is beautiful in all weather, and we have ideas for outings and day trips for each season. And if you’ve worked up an appetite after all this activity, come read about Dutch cuisine, and find out where you can taste it.

Whatever your interests are, in the Netherlands you can see and explore so much. Inspiration for fun activities is important, but you’ll also need some practical information. What are the best ways of traveling to the Netherlands? Once you’re in the country, how do you get from A to B? How does Dutch public transport work? Can you charge your electric car? (Of course you can. The Netherlands is a pioneer in sustainable tech.) Is the weather really as changeable as they say? Find answers to all these questions on our overview page for Top holiday tips.

Travel smart in the Netherlands

This page also includes a section on practical information, which you should really check out – especially if this is your first time traveling to the Netherlands. It includes lots of essential information, from ways to pay (ever heard of Tikkie?) to how you can get emergency care or other medical treatment within the Dutch healthcare system. As for public transport: the intricacies of the OV chip card may lead to confusion for some travelers – but not if you’ve read our handy pointers about paying your fare in buses and trams, on ferries and metros. Finally, the unavoidable: we explain what the story really is when it comes to cannabis and coffeeshops.

In short, if you’ve found yourself wondering how things are done in the Netherlands, there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer here.

Lady parked her bike to withdraw money at Geldmaat (Dutch ATM)