Dutch fashion: sustainable and innovative

How Dutch designers are shaping the future of fashion

Dutch fashion is famous the world over for its avant-garde style and unique concepts. But did you know that Dutch designers are at the forefront when it comes to technical innovations and promoting sustainability? From new fabrics with solar cells to dresses made from cow dung, there’s no limit to the imagination of our fashion designers. Discover the cutting-edge future of fashion and meet the designers and studios leading the way on this circular journey.

Different, daring and distinctive

Arnhem Begane Grond working on designs
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Fashion-forward Netherlands!

Join us on a fashionable trip through the Netherlands and discover all the best fashion hotspots.

Let's go
  • Hul le Kes moodboard
  • Arnhem NOoF variations wool
  • Hul le Kes stack of textiles with bow

Visit the Dutch cities of fashion

The Modekwartier district in Arnhem
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Arnhem - A city of history, culture and creativity

From fashion and design, great shopping and cultural hotspots to fantastic restaurants and lush green spaces, Arnhem has it all.

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Eindhoven: Design capital of the Netherlands

Eindhoven is Europe’s design capital and one of the most beautiful hidden gems of the Netherlands. Discover it for yourself.

View on Erasmusbrug from Euromast
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Rotterdam: The premier port of Europe

Rotterdam is a dynamic city with its own unique character. Find out why the city is well worth a visit.

Modern, exciting and inspiring

Coloured yarn at Begane Grond Arnhem
Arnhem Hullekes model for mirror
Arnhem Begane Grond
Arnhem Joline Jolink shoe putting on
Pauline van Dongen phone charging via dress
Arnhem NOoF behind the sewing machine
Hul le Kes designs
Fashion hub Arnhem Fruitleader leather processing
Eindhoven ArtBioLab
Hul le Kes team: Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer

Meet our pioneers in sustainable fashion

The best places to experience Dutch Design

Dutch Design Week Van Abbemuseum October 2022
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Dutch Design – Innovating for a better world

Want to know more about that curious phenomenon of Dutch Design? We can tell you everything you need to know and all the best places to go for the best Dutch Design experiences during your visit to the Netherlands.

Dutch Design Week 2021 Klokgebouw Labyrint
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Dutch Design Week

Oct. 19, 2024 through Oct. 27, 2024 Eindhoven

Visit Netherlands' largest design event.

HEMbrugterrein Museum of Humanities Zaandam
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Five top Dutch Design destinations

Dutch Design can be found across the Netherlands, but where are the most remarkable examples of it?

  • NOoF board with several examples
  • Arnhem Sjaak Hullekes with orange body warmer
  • NOoF coloured fabric