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The Netherlands: Top holiday tips

Planning a holiday to the fascinatingly multi-faceted Netherlands? Perfect! We’ve compiled useful tips to help ensure a pleasant trip and a wonderful stay. Learn about the different travel options to and within the Netherlands, prepare for the unpredictable Dutch weather and be surprised by the great selection of unique accommodation options. From practical travel information to inspiring stories, get ready for an unforgettable experience in the Netherlands.

Transport to the Netherlands

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Discover the Netherlands in a green, responsible way. Europe's excellent rail network makes it easy to arrive by train from neighbouring countries. Or arrive by boat in Hoek van Holland, Amsterdam or Rotterdam. For those who cannot avoid coming by car or plane, the Netherlands has excellent roads and modern airports. Our compact country is surprisingly accessible, especially if you value the more sustainable travel options.

Public transport in the Netherlands

Public transport is the cornerstone of Dutch mobility. Trains, trams, buses, ferries and metros form a network that conveniently and seamlessly connects cities and towns. OVpay and the OV chipcard are the widely used payment methods for public transport. And with the increasing use of electric vehicles, sustainability also plays a big role. Our public transport is easily accessible to all, thanks to extensive facilities for travellers with disabilities. Eliminate the stress of driving on holiday and experience the efficiency of the Dutch public transport system. It’s a snap to reach the far corners of the Netherlands during your stay.

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Plan your trip through the Netherlands

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Travelling to the Netherlands

From trains and aeroplanes to buses and boats, getting to the Netherlands is easy.

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Getting around in the Netherlands

Visiting the Netherlands? There are plenty of reliable and efficient transportation options.

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Public transport in the Netherlands

With loads of options, public transport in the Netherlands is efficient, easy and comfortable.

Weather in the Netherlands

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With our temperate maritime climate, the Dutch weather offers something unique every season. The variety is great but make sure you are always prepared for any type of weather: mild summers, mild winters and the always unpredictable rain. Enjoy our famously beautiful spring blooms, the pleasant warmth of our summer, colourful autumn and the chance of winter snow. Just don't forget to bring an umbrella for the sudden downpours! The weather is diverse and changeable, turning every day in the Netherlands into a new adventure.

Unique accommodation

Discover unique stays that will make your holiday unforgettable. How about sleeping in floating cottages, tree houses, restored water towers or historic castles? Or maybe opt for a beach house with sea views or, for a bit more adventure, sleep in an eco-lodge or tent. These unique accommodation options offer not only comfort but also a profound connection with nature. And because everything in the Netherlands is so easily accessible, you can perfectly combine accommodation set amongst peaceful natural surroundings with trips to our amazingly vibrant cities. Get inspired and choose a stay that tells a story.

Sail independently with your log cabin boat to the most remote spots in the middle of nature

Practical information

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Public Holidays

Find out when the Dutch go on a holiday.

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Tipping and cash in the Netherlands

Visiting the Netherlands? How much should you tip? Can you pay with debit cards? Are there ATMs?

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Travelling for the disabled

Additional information about the options and available aids during your holiday in Holland.

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Medical care in the Netherlands

All you need to know about getting top-quality medical assistance while visiting the Netherlands.

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The weather in Holland

What kind of weather should you expect in the Netherlands? Read all about the climate, seasons, sunshine and rain, swimming in the sea, and practical tips.

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Netherlands vs. Holland

Do you know the difference between the Netherlands and Holland? Discover more.

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All you need to know about coffeeshops

The Netherlands’ soft drugs policy prioritizes customer safety at regulated and licensed coffeeshops.