Eindhoven. A city of innovation, creativity and design but above all a city of the future. It is the cradle of Dutch innovation, which is tangible not only in the vibrant city centre, but also (far) beyond.
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Feel like a true ‘Eindhovenaar’

Feel like a true ‘Eindhovenaar’

Ketelhuisplein terrace Ketelhuis where people socialise over drinks
The charm and cosiness of Brabant combined with a modern, innovative city: that’s Eindhoven in a nutshell. Smart tech companies like ASML, VDL and Philips have a major influence on the city's style and culture, while a remarkably vibrant craft beer and pub culture provides ample ambiance (and great taste!). Stratumseind is Eindhoven’s well-known pub street with more than 50 catering establishments, ranging from cocktail bars and clubs to cafés and fine dining. It’s officially the longest pub street in the Benelux.
But Eindhoven is first and foremost the design capital of the Netherlands. Its biggest event is the annual Dutch Design Week, where hundreds of talented and established designers showcase their latest creations. It features new, futuristic designs that make a valuable contribution to our society, such as the all-solar electric vehicle Lightyear One and the wooden Biobasecamp, a pavilion where construction with wood has been elevated to a sustainable art form.
Embassy of Health Dutch Design Week 2022
The industrial creative incubator Strijp-S and the High Tech Campus, founded by Philips, provide a fresh new perspective on the world. Culture and design beautifully merge at the Van Abbemuseum and Kazerne. The Van Abbemuseum is one of Europe’s leading museums of modern and contemporary art, whereas Kazerne provides a platform to artists while also housing several restaurants and a hotel.
Eindhoven proves that the Netherlands has long since grown beyond its reputation as a country of windmills, tulips and canals. The city is a trendsetter in innovation and technology but doesn’t ignore the good things in life. PHOOD is a great example of this. It is the very first ‘aquaponic farm-restaurant’. If you want to feel like you’re dining in a restaurant of the future, why not visit brasserie Next located at Evoluon museum. And with large-scale events such as GLOW and the Step in The Arena graffiti festival, you’ll never be bored in Eindhoven.

A surprisingly green city

A surprisingly green city

Considering all the modern buildings and technological marvels, it may come as a surprise that Eindhoven is the second-greenest city in the Netherlands. Just take a look at the many parks in and around the city, but also the new, unusual green spaces that are being developed. The Trudo Tower, a skyscraper designed by Stefano Boeri and located at Strijp-S, is a prime example of architecture that is rooted in greenery.

Pastry Club Strijp-S
Eindhoven has also successfully transformed old, often industrial, factory buildings into modern hospitality or residential facilities. Philips' heritage in particular has been amazingly repurposed over the years. Examples include the residential complex around the Lichttoren and the Machinekamer restaurant and event space. Whichever former Philips building you visit, it is undoubtedly a remarkable monument with a unique history and architecture that has been transformed into fresh premises for occupants.

Hidden gems
Off the beaten path

Off the beaten path

Eindhoven has undergone a major transition in recent years. Woensel-West is a thriving multicultural neighbourhood and a fine example of this transition. Less than 20 years ago, it was considered a problem area but the municipality managed to change and improve the neighbourhood through open discussions with the residents. It’s now a desirable neighbourhood where many want to live.

Stroll through Volta Galvani, for example, a vibrant area with colourful and stylish facades reminiscent of the architecture of southern Spain and North-Africa. If you don’t feel like walking, you could rent a fatbike and soak up the real urban vibe. Then go shopping at the Woensel Westside Stores where local entrepreneurs get the opportunity to start small-scale businesses.
Have a drink at Van Alles en Co Eindhoven

Don't forget to drop in at Van Alles en Co vintage coffee bar, Strange Avenue interior design store or join a street food night at Jungle Café. Around the corner is Kelderman en van Noort (KEVN), the art house where creators and visitors meet, but where you can also go for parties and to mingle with locals. The building is also quite extraordinary: it consists of an old school building with a new part made entirely of existing materials. So there is something for everyone.

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