It’s no wonder that more than one million people from the Netherlands and abroad visit Amersfoort every year. With a medieval city centre, various sights, unique shopping options and a vibrant hospitality industry, there’s something for everyone. As a matter of fact, it was crowned the European City of the Year in 2024 by the Academy of Urbanism in London.

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Experience the city like a ‘keientrekker’ (boulder puller)

Experience the city like a ‘keientrekker’ (boulder puller)

De Nieuwe Stad Amersfoort

Nicknamed the Keistad (Boulder City) Amersfoort is home to more than 160,000 Keientrekkers, as its inhabitants are called. This medieval city has been evolving for centuries and new residential areas built in the 1980s and 1990s. One such district is Kattenbroek, which is garnering worldwide praise for its unique, creative architecture. Right next to the city centre is an innovative hub called The New City. The future here is standing firmly on the shoulders of history. The original factory buildings of this former industrial area are now home to educational institutions, hospitality establishments, sustainable businesses and trendy meeting and workplaces.

The city's past is visible in its many historic buildings, traditional façades and charming streets. There's a fascinating story waiting to be told around every street corner. Take a city walk with the enthusiastic guides of Gilde Amersfoort and discover all the ins & outs of Amersfoort. Prefer to unravel history from a different perspective? Then head out on the water! Go on a Waterlijn canal cruise and learn loads of interesting facts from their knowledgeable guides.

Koppelpoort Amersfoort

Culture vultures will enjoy Amersfoort's many museums and theatres. There is always an exhibition or show that suits your interests. For example, enjoy national and international exhibitions by contemporary artists at Kunsthal KAdE. Interested in the city's history and past art movements? Then treat yourself with a visit to the unique Museum Flehite. And let’s not forget the world-renowned artist Piet Mondrian, Amersfoort born and bred. You can learn all about his life at the Mondrian House. Theatre lovers will enjoy the two theatres in the city centre: De Lieve Vrouw and Flint. Visit De Lieve vrouw to discover the latest arthouse films and be pleasantly surprised by emerging theatre makers. Flint is the place to go for those who are more interested in established names.

Muurhuizen Amersfoort Korte Gracht

Amersfoort is known for its medieval city centre full of photogenic buildings, lovely views and quaint streets. The Wall Houses (Muurhuizen) are a good example of this. This circular street has an interesting story. Around the year 1500, Amersfoort was expanding so quickly that more space was soon needed. To accommodate this rapid growth, the first city wall was demolished and new houses were built on its foundations using the rubble. The iconic Koppelpoort is also part of the new city wall. Construction of this unique land and water gate started in 1380 and it is a must-see during your visit to the Keistad.

The Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren (The Tower of Our Lady) is another top attraction. At 98 metres tall, the church tower is visible from all corners of the city. The city owes this tower to the Miracle of Amersfoort. In 1444, a statue of the Virgin Mary was found in the outer moat. When the statue appeared to cause all kinds of miracles, Amersfoort became a world-famous pilgrimage destination. The many donations from pilgrims made it possible to build Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren.

Lange Jan - Lieve Vrouwetoren Amersfoort

Beer route De Drie Ringen Amersfoort

Beer lovers will have a blast in Amersfoort! As befits a true beer city, Amersfoort boasts several breweries, such as De Drie Ringen, Rock City and 't Mirakel. Thanks to its location on the Eem River, the city had plenty of clean water and breweries started popping up everywhere. Even today, beer has a special place in the hearts of the Amersfoort residents. The special beer route is ideal for those interested in finding out more!

In Amersfoort, the memory of the past boosts modern development. Find out what this looks like in De Nieuwe Stad. This 'city within a city' is located in a former industrial area right next to the historical city centre. The authentic, original factory buildings have been redeveloped into sustainable work and meeting places. There’s always something new to discover in this inventive microtown. Let your creativity flow at the Stadsatelier, satisfy your hunger at Kroast or show off your latest dance moves at FLUOR music venue.

Kroast Amersfoort

Explore three national nature reserves

Explore three national nature reserves

Visitors toast on terrace of Het Lokaal Amersfoort

Amersfoort is the only city in the Netherlands bordering three nature reserves: the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, the Veluwe and the Eempolder. Of these, the Eempolder is closest to the city centre. From the city centre, you can travel to this polder region on foot or by bicycle or scooter. If you're going with the last option, this scooter route is just perfect! First, you ride past some cool locations in and around the city centre, including Het Lokaal. Enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch prepared with locally sourced produce at this sustainable restaurant. Afterwards, you arrive swiftly at the Eempolder for a stunning route along the water.

If you decide to visit one of the other National Parks nearby, you’ll also be surprised by the diversity of nature around Amersfoort. The forests and heathlands of the Veluwe look like a completely different world in each of the seasons. And because this is one of the largest continuous nature reserves in the Netherlands, it allows you to go for endless walks and cycle rides through the rolling countryside. The nearby Utrechtse Heuvelrug guarantees the same wonderful experience. This slightly atypical Dutch area got its rugged and distinctive appearance during the penultimate ice age some 130,000 years ago.

Drone pictures of the Zeisterbos forest in autumn of Nationalpark Utrechtse Heuvelrug

These nature reserves are fantastic, but Amersfoort itself also has beautiful city parks. After a day in the lively city centre, you can unwind in the nearby parks. If the sun is shining, fill a picnic basket and kick back and relax in one of these green havens. The city’s parks are also ideal for a short walk. If you’re looking to really add to your daily steps goal, Randenbroek Park is right around the corner. This park has existed since 1814. Before it became a public park, this estate was a summer residence for wealthy city dwellers. Traces of its posh past can still be seen with the imposing Huize Randenbroek building, the Koetshuis (Coach House) and the Orangery.

Hidden gems
An unforgettable day off the beaten track

An unforgettable day off the beaten track

Many city visitors find the main shopping streets and squares easily enough but never venture beyond the Kamperbinnenpoort. We challenge you to go through this magical gate, where you'll find yourself at the Kamp: a world filled with adventurous places. This street is home to unique shops and restaurants where you can taste flavours from all over the world. Eat without cutlery at Ethiopian restaurant Awazé or taste creations by a winner of Heel Holland bakt (the Dutch Bake-off) at Anna's Smaakatelier.

De Kamp Amersfoort

The Wagenwerkplaats Amersfoort

A little outside the city centre is the characteristic Wagenwerkplaats. This workshop was founded by the Hollandse IJzeren Spoorwegmaatschappij (HIJS) rail company in 1904 for servicing freight wagons. The area was listed for demolition at the beginning of this century but, fortunately, much of the Wagenwerkplaats was spared the wrecking ball. The striking industrial buildings now house hospitality establishments, an indoor climbing centre, a music theatre and The VR Escape Room. So whether you are eager for some action or prefer to relax in a theatre – this area is one you definitely want to visit!

At first glance, Kattenbroek may seem like an ordinary residential area but nothing could be further from the truth. Built in the 1990s, this district was a regular destination for buses full of international tourists because of its special architecture. There are homes in every imaginable colour and shape. Architect and urban planner Ashok Bhalotra drew inspiration from the themes of 'travelling and being at home' and 'the four seasons' throughout the project. Can you recognise all of the themes? Recharge your battery with a coffee and/or an award-winning burger in shopping centre Emiclaer.

Exceptional architecture in the Kattenbroek district of Amersfoort

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